I help people to manage the demands of daily life better, connect to themselves (and others) more deeply, and mobilise their body for better health. I do so through embodied yoga practices and by co-facilitating women’s circles, helping people to feel calmer, mentally and physically stronger whilst being more relaxed, and more connected to themselves and others whilst feeling deeply seen and held.

In my work I am guided by:

Working with our nervous system instead of against it to bring back balance to our body-mind through slow, soft and gentle movements and breath practices

Holding judgement-free and spaces that allow us to be present with all of our vulnerabilities enabling us to feel seen and heard

Offering somatic movement as access point to our innermost self through learning our habits (samskaras)

Merging what we know from a scientific perspective of how our bodies and minds work with tantric yoga principles for deep embodiment

What I offer